Responsible business practice is at the heart of our decision making, we recognise our obligation to do more than just generate a profit, but to create lasting positive impacts for our staff, clients, and the communities and environments in which we work.

Our success is a team effort, we strive to provide a rewarding, enjoyable environment of trust, where staff feel valued, safe and conscious that they drive our success.

Our commitment to creating sustainable success is evidenced by the ambitious improvement targets we have set in our 2015-2020 Responsibility Plan. The plan aims to generate business value while improving the things that matter most to our clients, workforce and society.

Developed around the principles of our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy the plan has been broken down into the 4 core sections listed on this page.

We have a very strong health and safety culture, indeed it is our number one priority.

Borras are members of the British Safety Council (BSC), Construction Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) and are accredited to the OHSAS18001 Health and Safety standard. We are also committed to ‘Target Zero’ a Borras health & safety initiative aimed at achieving: zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero long term health effects.


Community Engagement

At Borras.. We see every project as an opportunity to impact positively…


Borras aim to maximise outcomes by delivering exceptional value and service to…

Valuing Our Workforce

Borras work hard to provide a rewarding, enjoyable atmosphere of trust where…

Health, Safety & Environment

Safety is our number one priority, our commitment to health and safety…